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If your laptop is having problems because liquid was spilled on it, we may be able to repair it. If it is still wet, immediately remove the battery, and bring it to us as quickly as possible. Having liquid spilled on a laptop may simply damage the keyboard, or nothing at all once it dries. It all depends on what kind of liquid it was, and where it went.

Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

Repairing laptops that have had liquid short out the system board is extremely difficult, but we are able to repair about 50% of the heavily damaged laptops we get in. The odds may be slightly better than 50% but we don’t want to give unfortunate customers unrealistic expectations. The process we use to repair liquid damaged system boards is to remove the system board, and clean it thououghly using many different solvents, and methods. In many cases we can find the component that failed, and we can then replace it. This is very difficult work, troubleshooting liquid shorted laptop system boards, but it is what we specialize in. Few companies even try to repair shorted system boards.

One of the problems we face is different types of liquids seep into the area between chips, and the system board. In some cases we need to unsolder chips, and clean the area, and the resolder the chips back down. Sometimes we can clean, and reclean, and reclean a board and finally get it to work, and other times we just can’t locate the problem, or repair all the damage.

In most cases liquid will have damaged the keyboard, and even if we get the laptop cleaned, and repaired, the keyboard will need to be replaced.